Prof. Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem El-Sayed

Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering

Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgical Engineering Department

Personal Data
Professional Experience
Academic Experience
Non Academic Work
Training Courses
University Courses
Research in Germany


Course Taught at Universities

Cairo University: 2001- Now

Drilling Engineering I, Oil and Gas Well Completion and Workover Operations, Drilling Engineering II, Petroleum Economics, Peroelum Exploration and Subsurface Geology

Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Marine Transport (Alex)

Undergraduate Courses

Drilling Technology, B.Sc. Projects and M.Sc. Theses

King Saud University: 1991-2001

Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering, Drilling Engineering, Drilling Fluids, Production Equipment and Well Completion, Petroleum Evaluation and Economics, Well Logging and Formation Evaluation, Drilling fluids and Cement Laboratories, Transportation and Storage of Oil and Gas, Computer Application in Engineering, B.Sc. projects

Graduate Courses:

Advanced Oil Well Drilling Engineering and Completion, Advanced Drilling Fluids, Advanced Cementing Techniques, Advanced Oil Well Stimulation, Directional and Horizontal Wells Technology.

Cairo University: 1985-1990

Undergraduate Courses:

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering, Drilling Engineering, Drilling Fluids, Petroleum Evaluation and Economics, Drilling fluids and Cement Laboratories, Transportation and Storage of Oil and Gas, B.Sc. projrcts.

Graduate Courses:

Advanced OIL Well Drilling Engineering And Completion, Advanced Drilling Fluids, Advanced Cementing Techniques, Directional and Horizontal Wells Technology.

Conferences and Workshops attended

  1. Schlumberger Coneference, Well Completion & Productivity, Marot Hotel, Cairo Egypt, 18-20 June, 2003.
  2. Middle East Oil Shows (MEOS), Manama, Bahrain, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1999
  3. Fourth Saudi International Engineering Confernces, Jeddah, 1996
  4. Fourth International Conference of Min., Petr. & Metal. Engineering, Assuit University, Assuit, 1993
  5. Ninth International Conference of Min. Petr. & Metal. Engineering, Suiz Canal University, Suiz, 2003 (Scientific Committee Advisor)
  6. SPE Applied Technology Workshop on Upstream and downstrean Gas Technology, Egypt, Nov. 2003
  7. SPE Egyptian Section monthly Seminars, 1985-1990, 2001-Now
  8. SPE Aramco Section Seminars, 1997, 1989, 1999
  9. Horizontal Drliing Seminar, Cairo, 1987
  10. SPE/IADC Conference, Lousiana, 1985

Field Experience

  1. Worked as an expert for Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO), Egypt, 1989-1991, Evaluation of drilling operations and performance of rigs. Checking drilling programs, cost estimate preparation (AFE), Drlling optimization and cost reduction..

2.      Workes as a Rig Engineer on drilling rigs, three months during summer vacation for      companies Itag Celle, BEB, Preussage, Germany, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1990.

3.      Attended a training program on Petroleum Engineering for one month at ITE, TU Clausthal, W. Germany, July 1978.

Research activities

  1. Drilling technology, including drilling fluids and cements and casing.
  2. Horizontal and multi lateral drilling and their feasibility.
  3. Alkaline and polymer flooding through horizontal wells.
  4. Sand production and sand consolidation.
  5. Oil pollution and microbial cleaning.
  6. Wettability alteration of reservoir rocks due to drilling fluids.
  7. Polymer adsorption and permeability reduction.
  8. Weattability Alteration due to completion fluids.

  Professional Associations 

  1. Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME, SPE                                      since 1978  

  2. Society of Egyptian Petroleum Engineers, ESPE                                  since 1985

  3. Egyptian Engineering Syndicate                             since 1978                                                            

Awarded Prizes 

  1. Scholarship from Institute of Petroleum Engineering (ITE), University of Clausthal (TU), W. Germany, 1981-1985 for Ph.D study.
  2. Honor SPE certificate, for higher activity and sponsoring the SPE Egyptian Section, 1988
  3. Honor prize for highest education achievement in Petroleum Engineering, 1973-1977.
  4. Honor degree for B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, Cairo University, 1977.


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