Prof. Dr. Abdel-Alim Hashem El-Sayed

Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering

Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgical Engineering Department

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Gas Pipeline Maintenance and Repair:

    Course Description 

    Part 1: Piping Systems 

    Part 2: Steady State Flow of Gas through Pipes

    Part 3: Single Phase Incompressible flow

    Part 4:  Pipeline Components

    Part 5: Structural Design of Pipeline

    Part 6: Planning and Construction of Pipeline

    Part 7: Instrumentation and Pigging

    Part 8: Maintenance, Reliability and Failure Analysis

    Part 9: Pipe defects

    Part 10: Corrosion on Pipeline

    Part 11: Pipeline Rehabilitation and Repair Techniques

    Part 12: Leak Detection and SCADA System

    Part 13: Pipeline Risk Assessment


Oil Well Drilling (1)

        Mud Engineering

        Rock Bits

        Rig Hydraulic

        Drill String Design


        Casing Design

        Oil Well Cementing

Oil Well Drilling (2)

        Well Planning

        Data Collection

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